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Office introduction

        From time immemorial, Chinese respect on the tradition of "Support one's parents as they introduction of officealive and conduct the funeral arrangements as they pass away", it was also considered as a main strength in order to make social stability and social education. Due to the general public perception of death being changed gradually, government pay much attention on the mortuary, therefore the mortuary service has become a vital part of government infrastructure planning in recent years. Population has increased rapidly as times changed, it results in the present simple and crude mortuary facilities have increasingly failed to meet the needs of the public. Consequently, the Hsinchu City Government has completed building a new funeral parlor as well as a memorial pagoda to meet the bereaved needs of Hsinch City's residents. In order to provide better comprehensive mortuary services, the government also studied and planned effective and reformed funeral schemes, including new crematory sites, continuous construction of funeral parlors, simplification of mortuary procedures, review of mortuary business sectors, running the symposium for mortuary etiquette and establishment of mortuary service volunteer teams.

         By promoting the concept of "Living people finds comfort after burying the dead for rest", the government will be able to change general public perception against being close to mortuary sector facilities to one of acceptance. Moreover, government expects to reform people's perception from the mortuary sector being evil to realizing it a professional matter. Expecting Hsinchu becomes a city where has high-grade mortuary etiquette and culture is the main goal for the Hsinchu city government.